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Competing with Poverty

George Osborne was absolutely right last week to warn that the European Union is falling behind India and China in economic terms, and the reason for this is very simple: it is because corporations in Europe have been exploiting the … Continue reading

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Rubbish Policies

It is disappointing and unfortunate that many people still seem to think that littering our country is acceptable. Nonetheless, the very idea – touted at last week’s Conservative Party Conference – of the unemployed being made to pick up litter … Continue reading

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Prison Factories

Justice Secretary Ken Clarke has set out details of his scheme to set up factories in prisons. The idea is apparently to get criminals into “lawful constructive employment.” Shadow Lord Chancellor and Justice Secretary Sadiq Khan and the GMB union … Continue reading

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Married to the Job

Some people reckon that coppers are married to their jobs. Then again, who isn’t? I certainly feel like I’m married to my job. Put simply, it hasn’t turned out the way I expected it to. To start with it was … Continue reading

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