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Surrendering Freedom

It is reassuring to see that our politicians have voted to set up a watchdog which will regulate the dissemination of news. However, given that official bodies are, almost without exception, subject to exploitation and perversion – for reference, see … Continue reading

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Gideon’s Liable

Chancellors undergo numerous trials: George Osborne must know this only too well as he looks back upon his latest budget. To have witnessed him once more shaking and sweating as he went through the ins and outs of his fiscal … Continue reading

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Land of Whored-Out Glory

It’s interesting to note that, while we continue to suffer from a housing crisis in this country and the government is now proposing to fine poor people for having under-occupied hovels, we still continue to build urban-palaces in London which … Continue reading

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The Rise of the Inhuman Right

The Tories are reacting to their increasing unpopularity by continuing to blame the last government, the disabled, immigrants and the unemployed (many of whom were put out of work as a direct consequence of coalition cuts) for the economic crisis … Continue reading

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An Ill-Judged Defence

Boris Johnson has once again shown himself to be eager and ready to leap to the defence of those most at risk in his constituency. Admittedly, he may have overseen a period of intense economic and social cleansing in Stratford, … Continue reading

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