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The Turing Testament

Currently at the committee stage in the House of Lords is the motion to issue a posthumous pardon to Alan Turing. The government’s official explanation in 2012 for refusing to pardon Turing’s conviction for “gross indecency” was that, at the … Continue reading

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Conviction Politics

David Cameron welcomed the recent ruling by the Supreme Court against giving prisoners the right to vote as a “victory for common sense.” Whilst people will understandably shed no tears that convicted rapists, murderers and paedophiles are being denied the … Continue reading

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Surrendering Liberty

[An extract from this was printed on the letters page of i] Are we really happy to surrender the freedom of our press? People need to think very carefully about this question because a free press is the cornerstone of … Continue reading

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Rubbish Policies

It is disappointing and unfortunate that many people still seem to think that littering our country is acceptable. Nonetheless, the very idea – touted at last week’s Conservative Party Conference – of the unemployed being made to pick up litter … Continue reading

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Abuse of Power

As the energy bandits give their predictable scaremongering response to Ed Miliband’s plans to curtail their scandalous profits, it is worth remembering that Margaret Thatcher deliberately set about destroying the mining industry in this country – ripping the life from … Continue reading

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