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The Rise of the Illiterati

There may be some sense in the government’s decision to increase the cost of using the postal service in readiness for privatisation – it seems to go hand-in-hand with the previous decisions to close all the libraries, dismantle education in … Continue reading

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I’ve ventured into tree-hugging lately. I’m not sure it helps me, as such, but I like to think that it makes the tree feel better. Permit me to explain the background to this: every day I wake-up in a brick … Continue reading

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The End of Imagination

Whenever I look at political debate amongst our elected leaders, it becomes increasingly clear to me that we are children being governed by children, only without the innocence or compassion that characterise childhood. Sure, some people know stuff but it’s … Continue reading

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A Sense of Identity

One of the more tragic aspects in this digital age, when people broadcast all of their opinions, thoughts and emotions to the world, is that it has revealed precisely how shallow and humdrum the great majority of folk are. On … Continue reading

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I suggest that, as soon as one starts to examine the nature of happiness, the actual experience of happiness becomes increasingly elusive. Like trying to capture a reflection, love or beauty will disappear as soon as one tries to touch … Continue reading

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Pause for Thought

A lot of people confuse knowledge with intelligence. Indeed, it is quite commonly assumed that people who know a lot of things are clever. I disagree almost entirely. The ability to repeat facts (or to quote ideas which are perceived … Continue reading

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