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Oh der, oh der, oh der

Not a usual blog post but a transcript of an email communication that I had with McCoy’s. I’ve punted it across to Laura at the everyday sexism project but I guess maybe it’s not quite what she’s looking for (although do … Continue reading

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So I was wearing my NO MORE PAGE THREE t-shirt in a supermarket the other day (support the campaign and contribute to breast cancer clinical research trials by buying yours here), when a pair of breasts woman passing me said, … Continue reading

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First Impressions – Sexism in Advertising

There’s an old joke which you may have heard: Why do women wear make-up and perfume? Because they’re ugly and they smell. I had always thought that this was just a sexist male joke but I’m no longer so sure … Continue reading

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MsTaken Identity – a Male Perspective

[I originally wrote this piece for the rather excellent on-line feminist magazine ‘The Vagenda’ but they didn’t want it. Bloody feminists – emancipation’s too good for them!] So it seems that the issue of what ought to be the correct … Continue reading

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