Pointless Passwords

My work laptop has fingerprint recognition – it never asks for a password to login, I only ever access it using my fingerprint. Nonetheless, every three months I log on and I’m greeted by the message “It’s time to change your password for security purposes. Please enter your existing password.”

Now, I don’t know my password – I never use it. When I’m in the office, I hot desk, so I don’t have any drawers or anywhere to store anything, which means I don’t have the option of writing my password down anywhere secure, but since I have to be able to access it when it’s time to change it, I always email it to myself and then store that email in a folder called Reference (I don’t call it Passwords, for obvious reasons – I may be daft but I’m not stupid!).

So I go and look for the stored password and then copy-and-paste it into the box and then I create a new password, which I have to enter twice (and email to myself, natch) and then, because my password synchs everywhere, but doesn’t update automatically, I have to enter that new password again in a couple of other applications.

There’s always one application that doesn’t register the change right away (I’m not sure if that’s network issues or just the machine messing with me), so I have to restart my machine so that it updates, and then after that I continue to access everything using just my fingerprint for another three months, never using the password again until it expires. I’m sure there must be bigger wastes of time but I struggle to think of any. I think maybe it’s just technology asserting itself, building up to unleashing a dystopian future.


About Fles

Early middle-aged (oh yes I am!), no longer long-haired but still speccy and decidedly still an increasingly opinionated git. I’m basically a believer in individualism, that everybody has their own perspective and inner-beauty. I try to find humour in every situation. I enjoy reading and writing poetry.
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1 Response to Pointless Passwords

  1. rabirius says:

    Maybe you need to change your fingers every three months. 🙂

    Actually, I read an article just now that Apple, Google and Microsoft are working on a way to identify yourself for websites and everything via fingerprint.
    So maybe that will work better in the future.

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