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An End to a Life on Benefits

I see David Cameron has pledged that, if the Conservatives are returned to power in May, he will bring an end to a life on benefits. What, another one? It was recently revealed that the rate of suicides under the current punishing … Continue reading

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JackBoots Tactics

Alliance Boots, the Switzerland-based parent company of one-time British institution Boots the Chemist, has expressed fears that the Monaco-dwelling billionaire Boots boss Stefano Pessina was quoted “out of context” when he quite unequivocally stated that it would be a “catastrophe” … Continue reading

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Sinister Surveillance

David Cameron has pledged that, if re-elected in May, he will introduce legislation to allow monitoring of all internet, email and mobile telephone activity. This “snoopers’ charter” has already been rejected once, on the grounds that it would impose an … Continue reading

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