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Sinister Surveillance

David Cameron has pledged that, if re-elected in May, he will introduce legislation to allow monitoring of all internet, email and mobile telephone activity. This “snoopers’ charter” has already been rejected once, on the grounds that it would impose an … Continue reading

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Liberty Ex

It was already outrageous that GCHQ believed it was entitled to spy on British citizens because our communications were being carried over foreign servers, now our government is trying to change the law so that we can be subjected to … Continue reading

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Splash Happy

It is an outrage that Boris Johnson has elected to purchase water cannon without first gaining government approval – thus exceeding the authority democratically conferred upon him. I wish I could say that I was surprised at this but he made … Continue reading

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Dousing the Flames of Dissent

The streets of London burned during the riots of 2011, so the decision by Tory mayor Boris Johnson to close ten of the capital’s fire stations and then propose to invest in water cannons in the same week seems perverse … Continue reading

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Modernising Public Services

It is interesting that home secretary Theresa May has seen fit to “modernise” the police service by cutting the starting salary for what is a highly demanding and increasingly very dangerous job by 17%. Perhaps my memory is failing me, … Continue reading

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Electoral Reform

Once again, addressing the issue of prisoner voting in the UK has been delayed – this time through the drawing up of draft legislation which it is expected will take years to settle, fine-tune and approve. Parliament’s continued defiance of … Continue reading

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