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Being British

I’ve never been one for patriotism or national pride, because it strikes me that nationality is really just an accident of birth (and birth itself is more often an accident than most people would probably care to admit – even … Continue reading

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Moderate Political Positions

Perhaps I’m being obtuse but I really don’t understand the basis for the constant stream of allegations I see in the media that Jeremy Corbyn is “extreme left-wing”; he’s a socialist – that’s kinda the point, surely – so he … Continue reading

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What’s in a (Brand) Name?

As I’m sure everybody has noticed, there is a long-running trend for people to wear the waistband of their underwear above their jeans, displaying a brand label. Mention this exposure to them and they’ll tell you “it’s fashion.” It’s not, … Continue reading

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The New Religion

At Euston railway station – and presumably it’s the same at every major concourse – there is a cinema-sized digital screen set high on a wall which shows an unmoving image of a mobile telephone with the words iPhone6 displayed … Continue reading

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Hong Kong Phooey

While our government continues to fall over itself trying to encourage rich Chinese tourists and business-people to come and spend their money on our shores, it’s worth remembering that the wealth of these few privileged individuals is partly the product … Continue reading

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How Amazon Helps to Make Society a Better Place

Amazon notoriously avoids paying corporation tax in the UK (despite doing £millions of business here), treats its warehouse employees dreadfully, intentionally drives small competitors out of business and never seems to advertise in what the web fondly refers to as … Continue reading

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Benefit Tourism

A lot of people skirt around the subject of benefit tourism, apparently for fear of offending those from other nations who come over here and set themselves up purely in order to get a free ride on the back of … Continue reading

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Taxed in Britain

In the light of recent high-profile tax-avoidance revelations, it’s a little surprising and rather disappointing that a mind-set persists which feels that we ought to be grateful for whatever tax the rich deign to pay into our system, insisting that … Continue reading

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Austerity and Entitlement

Civilisation is being dismantled in order to pay off debts that were run up by those who have somehow remained out of the reach of suffering. The bankers, who caused this global recession, are not suffering; the giant corporations (those … Continue reading

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Land of Whored-Out Glory

It’s interesting to note that, while we continue to suffer from a housing crisis in this country and the government is now proposing to fine poor people for having under-occupied hovels, we still continue to build urban-palaces in London which … Continue reading

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