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First Impressions – Sexism in Advertising

There’s an old joke which you may have heard: Why do women wear make-up and perfume? Because they’re ugly and they smell. I had always thought that this was just a sexist male joke but I’m no longer so sure … Continue reading

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Riot Reaction

In a recent speech reacting to the riots, David Cameron said that, “”We have been too unwilling for too long to talk about what is right and what is wrong.” Politicians have, indeed, been rather quiet on this topic for … Continue reading

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Digital Media

The downloading of music and movies onto digital devices and of books onto tablets (didn’t the Romans use those?) may superficially seem to allow everybody the opportunity of exposure to a far more expansive library of sound, film and literature … Continue reading

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Art and Entertainment

Art is dead. This is an emotive statement and it isn’t quite true but what is true is that art is laying bleeding whilst various scavengers pick at it, snatching out the last pieces of any worth or substance, as … Continue reading

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Big Bother

So I’ve got this idea for a new television programme that I’m considering touting to various channels. It’s a basic premise where a planet is populated by seven billion humans and they are set various tasks each week to try … Continue reading

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Pandering to the Insane

Take a look at the monikers of recent serial killers in the tabloids and the media: The Crossbow Cannibal, The Scalp Hunter. Why are the press increasingly feeding the egos of these fame-hungry fantasists – who are, in actuality, nothing … Continue reading

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Last Disrespects – the Facebook Eulogy

In recent years, whenever somebody dies in a notable or tragic manner, newspapers increasingly show a tendency to publish posts which have, post mortem, been added to their Facebook walls – the tributes and eulogies of the techno generation, so … Continue reading

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Paranoia to the People

Almost all marketing is designed to engender self-doubt and paranoia. There are various reasons for this but the main one is that companies can’t sell confident people shit that they neither need nor want so they have to create hungers … Continue reading

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The Death of Culture and Civilisation

I see here that the creator of Big Brother, Peter Bazalgette, has been approached by the government and is in talks discussing the possibility of becoming a non-executive director of the Ministry of Culture. This is the man who almost … Continue reading

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Reality Television

I hate reality television programmes: Big Brother, I’m a Celebrity…, Can’t Cook…, house makeover programmes, house selling programmes, gardening nonsense; but, most of all, I hate the endless bloody karaoke – it’s all bollocks. If somebody wants to tell me … Continue reading

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