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Hummin’ Trafficking

I was most surprised to learn recently that 50,000 commercially reared bumblebees are imported into the UK annually. Bees are, by their very nature, socialist creatures who work together for the common good. To see these tiny beings exploited by … Continue reading

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Keeping Tags on Outsourcing

So it seems that outsourced security services are set to be investigated by the Serious Fraud Office for overcharging the government (read “robbing the taxpayer”) of tens of millions of pounds for tagging criminals. It rather looks as though the … Continue reading

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Getting Out of a Foxhole

It seems that Liam Fox – who was forced to resign as Secretary of State for Defence in October 2011, following controversy over his relationship with Adam Werritty – has his eye on getting back into the corridors of power. … Continue reading

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Three Wishes

The bedraggled man stepped off the street, ducked behind the waste compactor and began to dig about in the trash, searching. As he ran his fingers over the dirt, he espied a glint reflected from a shiny surface. He rummaged … Continue reading

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Not so long ago I experienced an awakening – a religious experience, if you will. I now finally understand that those who do not follow the righteous path are doomed to forever burn and end in ashes: for those who … Continue reading

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