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Crime & Retribution

I was distressed to read recently that there is an on-line petition to parliament in which people are calling for the re-introduction of the death penalty in this country. The demand for such a final and decisive measure of retribution … Continue reading

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T’ Kroegje

I wrote this six years ago, when I was working in the Netherlands, but I’m rather fond of it and this seems as good a place as any to put it, so here goes. T’ Kroegje Once more no train, … Continue reading

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Riot Reaction

In a recent speech reacting to the riots, David Cameron said that, “”We have been too unwilling for too long to talk about what is right and what is wrong.” Politicians have, indeed, been rather quiet on this topic for … Continue reading

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The Mis-selling of Youth

Everywhere you look, advertising carries images of youthful beauty as though youth were something to aim towards and to be perpetually young was the ideal state. There are posters on the London Underground advertising “cosmetic surgery confidence” as though anything … Continue reading

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Tobacco – the Economy of Death

As a committed anti-smoker with the slight disadvantage of a thirty-a-day habit, I have a great many issues with cigarettes. My main one, until recently, was this: the tobacco industry is run by a small group of incredibly rich, death-dealing … Continue reading

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