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Racists are humourless idiots with low IQs and poor self-esteem. Whilst I realise that this might still appear to cover most of the people around you at any given time, I can assure you that it does not. Racists generally … Continue reading

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Vantages of Oblivion

Born out of time: Whatever happened to romance? Whatever happened to tender kisses at the edge of night? Longing, longing, Aching for that age to reign once more: When love was less brutal, When sweetness did not overflow to sicken. … Continue reading

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Reality Television

I hate reality television programmes: Big Brother, I’m a Celebrity…, Can’t Cook…, house makeover programmes, house selling programmes, gardening nonsense; but, most of all, I hate the endless bloody karaoke – it’s all bollocks. If somebody wants to tell me … Continue reading

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