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The touch of your skin is the fusion of feeling with thought As emotion through motion Piercing my soul like a torch in the blackness of night Your scent is perfume which swirls in my head like a whirlwind And … Continue reading

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The Governance of Doom

Okay, so we know that our schools/hospitals/services are in an abysmal state – how shall we attempt to deal with this? The answer is obvious: league tables. This is, of course, lunacy. We already know that it’s all rubbish – … Continue reading

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Eternal Moments

Afterwards, we lay together: Our breathing heavy, in rhythm, as one My fingertips traced the length of your spine, Caressed the nape of your neck, Your sweet, flowing hair; We kissed, your tender lips encompassing mine, And the tips of … Continue reading

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Manners Maketh Man

Well, that’s what they say, but it’s not strictly true; a man (or woman) can have no manners whatsoever and still be assured of the integrity of their gender. However, that’s where their integrity ends. The simple truth is that … Continue reading

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