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Facebooking up to Reality – welcome to Brokeville

It appears that Facebook and the banks which led its flotation will now be facing lawsuits from disappointed shareholders. Since a failure to disclose a reduction in revenue forecasts meant an over-inflated initial list price, quick profits are now unlikely. … Continue reading

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Prison Factories

Justice Secretary Ken Clarke has set out details of his scheme to set up factories in prisons. The idea is apparently to get criminals into “lawful constructive employment.” Shadow Lord Chancellor and Justice Secretary Sadiq Khan and the GMB union … Continue reading

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Sometimes the Truth is a Bitter Pill but it’s Always a Better Pill

So once again the question has been raised of whether it is right to give young girls access to contraception and emergency contraception. Predictably, many are outraged at this, although it is unclear whether this is because of some misguided … Continue reading

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