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Children in Headscarves

Fatima Laiba Aftab wrote a most eloquent and persuasive letter in the Evening Standard recently defending girls’ freedom to wear the hijab: Girls should be free to wear the hijab  I AM 10 and go to a primary school in … Continue reading

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So I was wearing my NO MORE PAGE THREE t-shirt in a supermarket the other day (support the campaign and contribute to breast cancer clinical research trials by buying yours here), when a pair of breasts woman passing me said, … Continue reading

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Sometimes the Truth is a Bitter Pill but it’s Always a Better Pill

So once again the question has been raised of whether it is right to give young girls access to contraception and emergency contraception. Predictably, many are outraged at this, although it is unclear whether this is because of some misguided … Continue reading

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First Impressions – Sexism in Advertising

There’s an old joke which you may have heard: Why do women wear make-up and perfume? Because they’re ugly and they smell. I had always thought that this was just a sexist male joke but I’m no longer so sure … Continue reading

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MsTaken Identity – a Male Perspective

[I originally wrote this piece for the rather excellent on-line feminist magazine ‘The Vagenda’ but they didn’t want it. Bloody feminists – emancipation’s too good for them!] So it seems that the issue of what ought to be the correct … Continue reading

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