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News Review – a cockeyed look at the week that was

Blowhard Boris At the start of the week Boris Johnson tweeted “Crumbling Corbyn betrays Leave voters”. What Boris seemingly fails to understand is that our political representatives are tasked with looking after the interests of our nation and its citizens … Continue reading

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A New Hope?

We are living in an age in which we have had to adopt industrial farming techniques in order to sustain the diets of our burgeoning human population (resulting both in over-cultivation of the land and some dubious-at-best standards of animal … Continue reading

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Burka Burks

According to a YouGov Survey, 57% of British people want a ban on burkas in public places. Here’s the thing: we live in a free country – something which we rather value – but that means that it has to be … Continue reading

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Tipping Point

Increasingly restaurants will try to add 12.5% service charge to your bill. I always ask for this to be removed and then tip directly to the waiter in cash. I’d like to explain why. Firstly, I’ll decide whether I’m going … Continue reading

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The Promise of Tax Cuts

David Cameron has announced that further public spending savings could be used to fund tax cuts, as though that might be something which would benefit most people. That isn’t true, of course: what most people in this country used to … Continue reading

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The Upside to Public Spaces Protection Orders

A lot of people are talking about Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) but everybody seems to be focussing on the negatives of this quietly announced legislation when the truth of the matter is that the effect of a PSPO will … Continue reading

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Hummin’ Trafficking

I was most surprised to learn recently that 50,000 commercially reared bumblebees are imported into the UK annually. Bees are, by their very nature, socialist creatures who work together for the common good. To see these tiny beings exploited by … Continue reading

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Modern Worship

That Hitler was ahead of his time, wasn’t he? A visionary, I tell you: he stood before the thronged masses who faced him, enraptured, each with a single arm thrust forward in straight salute. At the time this was an … Continue reading

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Land of Whored-Out Glory

It’s interesting to note that, while we continue to suffer from a housing crisis in this country and the government is now proposing to fine poor people for having under-occupied hovels, we still continue to build urban-palaces in London which … Continue reading

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Facebooking up to Reality – welcome to Brokeville

It appears that Facebook and the banks which led its flotation will now be facing lawsuits from disappointed shareholders. Since a failure to disclose a reduction in revenue forecasts meant an over-inflated initial list price, quick profits are now unlikely. … Continue reading

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