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It’s gym life, but not as we know it

So anyway, on Tuesday I went to the gym. Mrs Fles came with me but then went home after half an hour (as usual). I knew she was going to watch EastEnders, which meant that I didn’t need to be … Continue reading

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Tranquillity and Tranquilisers

A mate recently posted on a networking site: “Never drinking again after that horrible hangover I had this morning.” Quite – for not one of us has ever said that before, in the dark morning of regret after a heavy … Continue reading

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I’ve ventured into tree-hugging lately. I’m not sure it helps me, as such, but I like to think that it makes the tree feel better. Permit me to explain the background to this: every day I wake-up in a brick … Continue reading

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The End of Imagination

Whenever I look at political debate amongst our elected leaders, it becomes increasingly clear to me that we are children being governed by children, only without the innocence or compassion that characterise childhood. Sure, some people know stuff but it’s … Continue reading

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A Sense of Identity

One of the more tragic aspects in this digital age, when people broadcast all of their opinions, thoughts and emotions to the world, is that it has revealed precisely how shallow and humdrum the great majority of folk are. On … Continue reading

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The Mis-selling of Youth

Everywhere you look, advertising carries images of youthful beauty as though youth were something to aim towards and to be perpetually young was the ideal state. There are posters on the London Underground advertising “cosmetic surgery confidence” as though anything … Continue reading

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