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Facebooking up to Reality – welcome to Brokeville

It appears that Facebook and the banks which led its flotation will now be facing lawsuits from disappointed shareholders. Since a failure to disclose a reduction in revenue forecasts meant an over-inflated initial list price, quick profits are now unlikely. … Continue reading

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The End of Imagination

Whenever I look at political debate amongst our elected leaders, it becomes increasingly clear to me that we are children being governed by children, only without the innocence or compassion that characterise childhood. Sure, some people know stuff but it’s … Continue reading

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My father read me the Rudyard Kipling poem If when I was a child and it made rather an impression upon me. In light of recent times, I was lately considering what sort of poems the parents of politicians might … Continue reading

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Social Networking as Market Research

Can anyone still remember in the eighties when we were all paranoid that the state was building databases on each of us, recording all of our personal information? “It’s like George Orwell’s 1984,” we cried, “Big Brother is truly watching … Continue reading

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Religion and Manipulation

Whilst composing this the other day (forgive the shameless plug), it struck me that the idea of god and, indeed, the driving force behind all established churches (although not necessarily the original intent behind any of them) was to persuade … Continue reading

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