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Sinister Surveillance

David Cameron has pledged that, if re-elected in May, he will introduce legislation to allow monitoring of all internet, email and mobile telephone activity. This “snoopers’ charter” has already been rejected once, on the grounds that it would impose an … Continue reading

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Legacy of Debt

I see that David Cameron is once again campaigning on not leaving future generations to bear a “legacy of debt” – with the notable exception, one presumes, of the legacy of tuition fees which will hang like an albatross around … Continue reading

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The Politics of Fear

In 2010, when he felt that his electoral chances were being threatened by a party of protest, David Cameron claimed that a vote for Nick Clegg and the LibDems would let Labour in. We ended up with a Conservative/LibDem coalition … Continue reading

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We Aren’t All Thatcherites Now

In June of 2002, Peter Mandelson wrote an article for the Times in which he declared, “We are all Thatcherites now.” This might have seemed an odd statement to come from a Labour ex-spin doctor but, given the direction that … Continue reading

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