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Facebooking up to Reality – welcome to Brokeville

It appears that Facebook and the banks which led its flotation will now be facing lawsuits from disappointed shareholders. Since a failure to disclose a reduction in revenue forecasts meant an over-inflated initial list price, quick profits are now unlikely. … Continue reading

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Internet Freedom

It is interesting to see that, only a few days after the web asked users to unite to fight against SOPA and PIPA, supposedly in order to preserve the freedom of the internet, both Google and Facebook have announced that … Continue reading

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Everything in the digital age (where nothing is real anymore) seems to be geared towards popularity. Indeed, mobile phone advertisements are increasingly aimed at placing social pressure upon the young and easily influenced in a way which only serves to … Continue reading

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Social Networking as Market Research

Can anyone still remember in the eighties when we were all paranoid that the state was building databases on each of us, recording all of our personal information? “It’s like George Orwell’s 1984,” we cried, “Big Brother is truly watching … Continue reading

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Last Disrespects – the Facebook Eulogy

In recent years, whenever somebody dies in a notable or tragic manner, newspapers increasingly show a tendency to publish posts which have, post mortem, been added to their Facebook walls – the tributes and eulogies of the techno generation, so … Continue reading

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