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US Food Standards – the new Surrender Bill?

As the second round of US-UK trade talks is now underway, I pray that prime minister Boris Johnson isn’t considering lowering our food and animal welfare standards to those of the United States. We were sold Brexit as enabling Britain … Continue reading

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News Review – a cockeyed look at the week that was

Blowhard Boris At the start of the week Boris Johnson tweeted “Crumbling Corbyn betrays Leave voters”. What Boris seemingly fails to understand is that our political representatives are tasked with looking after the interests of our nation and its citizens … Continue reading

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The Great British…

Now that the BBC is set to lose The Great British Bake Off, I thought the time might be ripe to propose a slight variation to the format. As it happens, I have an idea for a programme featuring the … Continue reading

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Splash Happy

It is an outrage that Boris Johnson has elected to purchase water cannon without first gaining government approval – thus exceeding the authority democratically conferred upon him. I wish I could say that I was surprised at this but he made … Continue reading

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Tickety Boo?

As the RMT gears up for industrial action, Boris Johnson speaks of modernising and improving London Underground, stating that “fewer than 3% of tube journeys start at a ticket office” as justification for their closure. That is undoubtedly true, of … Continue reading

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Dousing the Flames of Dissent

The streets of London burned during the riots of 2011, so the decision by Tory mayor Boris Johnson to close ten of the capital’s fire stations and then propose to invest in water cannons in the same week seems perverse … Continue reading

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Concordia Concord

On Wednesday, Boris Johnson claimed that Britain was on the verge of an “economic renaissance” and that “the UK economy has finally reached its Costa Concordia moment.” (article here). Whilst his enthusiasm is to be lauded, perhaps the re-floated Italian … Continue reading

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An Ill-Judged Defence

Boris Johnson has once again shown himself to be eager and ready to leap to the defence of those most at risk in his constituency. Admittedly, he may have overseen a period of intense economic and social cleansing in Stratford, … Continue reading

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