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How Amazon Helps to Make Society a Better Place

Amazon notoriously avoids paying corporation tax in the UK (despite doing £millions of business here), treats its warehouse employees dreadfully, intentionally drives small competitors out of business and never seems to advertise in what the web fondly refers to as … Continue reading

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Taxed in Britain

In the light of recent high-profile tax-avoidance revelations, it’s a little surprising and rather disappointing that a mind-set persists which feels that we ought to be grateful for whatever tax the rich deign to pay into our system, insisting that … Continue reading

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Austerity and Entitlement

Civilisation is being dismantled in order to pay off debts that were run up by those who have somehow remained out of the reach of suffering. The bankers, who caused this global recession, are not suffering; the giant corporations (those … Continue reading

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Why You Ought to Boycott Amazon, Google & Starbucks

One hears a lot of twaddle about tax-dodging companies actually being alright because they are at least providing jobs. Oh, how privileged we are, that we get to feed on the crumbs dropped from the top table. This is, of … Continue reading

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Digital Media

The downloading of music and movies onto digital devices and of books onto tablets (didn’t the Romans use those?) may superficially seem to allow everybody the opportunity of exposure to a far more expansive library of sound, film and literature … Continue reading

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