Hummin’ Trafficking

I was most surprised to learn recently that 50,000 commercially reared bumblebees are imported into the UK annually.

Bees are, by their very nature, socialist creatures who work together for the common good. To see these tiny beings exploited by rampant capitalism, with profits no doubt concealed in tax hivens, is morally repugnant and utterly reprehensible.

I am, of course, well aware that there is a monarchical structure to bee society – headed, as it is, by a queen – but this is largely symbolic: the queen herself is merely a figurehead who rarely makes any actual display of power apart from for ceremonial purposes and she is really only there to spawn the next generation (much as in our own royal family, indeed).

I suppose, given how many of our corporate leviathans profit from utilising communist labour in China, that such an abuse as this ought to come as no surprise but, nonetheless, I would like to hope that making a more public exposure of this dishonourable practice might at least cause a bit of a buzz…

About Fles

Early middle-aged (oh yes I am!), no longer long-haired but still speccy and decidedly still an increasingly opinionated git. I’m basically a believer in individualism, that everybody has their own perspective and inner-beauty. I try to find humour in every situation. I enjoy reading and writing poetry.
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