The Temple of Love

I see that the Church of England is refusing to offer gay weddings or civil partnerships. To be perfectly honest, I don’t really care because I agree that it’s a bad idea: making any kind of lifelong commitment to a relationship based on a few shared interests and sex which is going to become increasingly unsatisfactory can never be a good thing.

All that aside, though, in truth it’s difficult to see why any church feels able to look with disapproval upon any kind of union, given that the basis of their congregations’ relationship with their allegedly loving god is based almost entirely upon guilt, fear and responsibility (which sounds pretty much like every relationship I’ve ever been in, now that I think of it…)

However, I would say this: there may well be no god but, even if there is one, he certainly wouldn’t be represented on Earth by any of the showers of hypocrisy and bigotry which make up the world’s recognised churches. With this in mind, nobody ought to be giving these establishments money for performing their hocus-pocus rituals in order to sanctify marriages. If the feeling is there and it’s real then that is enough – surely it is all that there can be. Maybe it will last for a lifetime and maybe it won’t, but trying to ensure its longevity through the imagined presence of some archaic spectral body looming over it makes marriage appear to be no more than a primitive superstition, and that makes a mockery of the idea of love itself. Which leads me to wonder: why doesn’t the church offer another spell for divorce? They’ve certainly missed a trick there – they could possibly double their revenue.

Personally, I have a hard time with religion anyway because the idea of a great creator who requires to be worshipped on a regular basis and who needs to be consulted on all life events would suggest an all-powerful, all-knowing supernatural being with some serious insecurity issues. The concept of such an entity also being bothered about clothing, hair, beards, circumcision and all the other claptrap that gets wrapped up in the great charade is certifiable insanity. It’s crucial to remember that all religion is a lie designed to control and manipulate people, whether god is real or not.


About Fles

Early middle-aged (oh yes I am!), no longer long-haired but still speccy and decidedly still an increasingly opinionated git. I’m basically a believer in individualism, that everybody has their own perspective and inner-beauty. I try to find humour in every situation. I enjoy reading and writing poetry.
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1 Response to The Temple of Love

  1. dove124 says:

    Of course, you will find it hard with religion, you are not of God. That’s why, God gave us freewill. He gave us a choice to which path we desire to walk. He place in front of you LIFE or DEATH, so,whichever path you choose,it will be given to you. It just simple as that. But because of HIS love for you, He advice you, to chose LIFE. But if you find it hard to follow HIM in this life of yours, therefore, as you have no other choices left, you chose DEATH. and Death means, wallowing in the Lake of Fire for eternity.
    FYI: Religion means ” To be tied up again”. Why the word “again”. Because, before, we were separated from God. We are free to do our own thing, unmindful of His laws, and accessible to any evil predators roaming around. No protector to protect them from these predators. But a wise man that fear God, will want the protection of this Supreme Entity from these predators. But this particular God has a rules that you must follow to be under HIS protection, and you have to obey that rules, same with the society you belong to, has rules, so that you may live peacefully in this world, without fear from these evil predators.
    Laws and rules are a way of life, it is considered as a path, that we have to walk on it. It is some sort of a “Leash”. You will not go beyond the span of that leash or the law. So that is what the meaning of religion. But you have to know, where is the right Church you have to go to. Not all of these so called Christian Churches are of God, not even the church of england. These churches that sprouts are called in the bible as “the gates of hell”(Mat. 16:18) and also “harlots”(Rev. 17:5). And the “Babylon the great” (Rev.17:5) is the Vatican city (Roman Catholic Church).
    I pray that you understand what I am trying to relay to you.

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