Religion and Manipulation

Whilst composing this the other day (forgive the shameless plug), it struck me that the idea of god and, indeed, the driving force behind all established churches (although not necessarily the original intent behind any of them) was to persuade people to lay down their lives in war for the good of the ruling classes in order to preserve their position and power – hence the concept of heaven and hell as reward or punishment. Religion is, certainly in its officially recognised forms, no more than a means of behavioural control – just as television and the media have become now. Oh, and if you think that you are above the subtle manipulation of advertising and insidious promotion then that merely proves how subtle and insidious it is.

Many people, for instance, now think of radical Muslims as being brainwashed by indoctrination and utterly manipulated, because this is what the media tells us. Whilst this is undoubtedly largely true, everyone reading this is as much a victim of indoctrination as they are – and your indignation at that proposition is as programmed as everything else, don’t doubt it for one minute. There is a world of difference between being taught how to think and merely being taught what to think (which is what much of the education system now does) and a great many people fail to recognise this; but, even beyond that, there are many far more sophisticated techniques of mind control at play. You might feel righteously outraged by the salaries of footballers or the bonuses of bankers yet, whilst these are undoubtedly obscene and probably undeserved, they are mere drops in the ocean when compared to the ludicrous levels of wealth enjoyed by those shielded from the public eye.

Benefit cheats, likewise, are often held up as targets for public indignation but, once again, this is fiddling small change when compared to the tax avoidance scams exploited by the extremely rich. It’s all about distraction.

Digressing slightly, you may think, incidentally, that you live in a democracy. The illusion of free will and the impression that you are making some contribution to political direction, however, is a mere sideshow. The media (and not just the red-tops, snobbery aside here) largely dictates the swing of the polls and the difference between one self-serving shower of grasping, power-hungry shites and another is minimal at best. Nothing ever really changes anyway; the faces and the ‘policies’ may differ but the end result is usually much the same. I’m not one for conspiracy theories, largely because most of them are merely the deranged imaginings of lunatics, but the idea that the masses have any real power or influence is little more than a fabrication to appease the proletariat. It’s different masks on the same beast.

As an aside, a lot of people seem to think that some religions are right and others are evil. This is not true. All religions are largely similar and they are all wrong. Your god despises you all and has abandoned you to whatever fate you bring upon yourselves. In the event that he (or she) even exists then, whilst he (or she) may be a forgiving god, there are limits and you have been sorely testing them for far too long with your expectations and demands. The one simple tenet of any theological position is to do no harm, and certainly to do no harm in the name of your beliefs. If there is any great deity then the persistent squabbling and killing that goes on in the name of whatever you perceive as holy has made us all nothing more than objects of derision and distaste. Humanity is a failed experiment which has been long abandoned and continues to run unregarded and forgotten. Maybe.

About Fles

Early middle-aged (oh yes I am!), no longer long-haired but still speccy and decidedly still an increasingly opinionated git. I’m basically a believer in individualism, that everybody has their own perspective and inner-beauty. I try to find humour in every situation. I enjoy reading and writing poetry.
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2 Responses to Religion and Manipulation

  1. Brit Miller says:

    Great piece, Fles; particularly the last paragraph.

  2. Based on what you have said about religion and manipulation, I think you would find my book worth reading. It is written in PDF format, consists of 335 pages and 127 supportive photos and/or illustrations. The book is entitled BEYOND THE WORD: An Awakening, is free, and may be downloaded from my website: There are two downloadable versions–a 25Mb one with a generated table of contents (bookmarks) for easy navigation, and a 12Mb one for persons who have dial-up internet service. Page 4 of the site contains a contact address, should you have any questions or other feedback for me about what I have written.


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